Monday, November 19, 2007

Alzheimers Here I Come!

We have a joke in our family about my mother. Alzheimers runs in our family, it seems. And my mom is in her early fifties and forgets lots of stuff. There has been at least one Christmas present over the last three years that she has forgotten where it was hidden. Names, phone numbers, the whole bit. Forgetful.

The really bad thing? I'm on the downward end of 29. 29, people! And I am nearly as forgetful as my mom. Already!

Case in point.

Last week sometime Scud was playing his gameboy at an inappropriate time (before jobs and homework were done). He had also been fighting with his siblings over it for days. So, I saidd what any good mother would say.

"Hand it over, Bucko. Your gameboy is now my gameboy."

So I took it. And I hid it. Or set it somewhere random. Here's the problem. I can't remember where I put it. I've looked everywhere I can think of. Kaitybean, Scud and I spent an hour yesterday looking for it. No beans. Nada. Nothing Doing.

Scud is verrrrrry unhappy with me. I CANNOT even fathom where it might be.

So now I'm worried. Not about the gameboy so much. It will turn up. But, um, do you think there's something wrong with me?


The Drama Momma said...

No your fine. Just a bit stressed out.

Last year, I bought tickets for to the Fogotten Carols for me and several girlfrieds. The tickets were mailed to my home and I placed them somewhere special! (the Forgotten Carols - no joke)

I had to go and have them reprinted at the ticket office (luckily they did that).

During the play it came to me, I went home and there they were. I felt so stupid. Oh, well that is what being busy does sometimes!!!!!

Hang in there. Say a prayer and let it go, he doesn't NEED it anyways. When you let it go it'll come to you!

Then he will be thrilled that his toy has found his way back to him!

Emily said...

oopsies. :) i do things like this all the time. mostly i blame it on the meds. i don't know if you even take any meds, but ... it could be contributing.

OR you could be lucky and just be a forgetful mama. it happens, right? i think the drama momma has it right - once it's found, he'll be thrilled. and until then, eh, he doesn't NEED it.

Joeprah said...

Definitely something wrong with you, its called you need a vacation from parenting for a half or so just to relax. I get like that too and a little break makes all the difference.

Sarah said...

Milk brain, hon. Lower progesterone levels while nursing can affect memory. It's ok!

Also, I have a system for hiding things from my kids and writing it down in code. It doesn't always work (I have to remember to write it down!) but it helps with things like Christmas.

Yes, the joke at my house is also that "I put it somewhere safe" safe I can't remember where it is.


sara said...

Heh :) That's awesome. And it will be such a fun surprise when it turns up! I do this all the time too.

brightonwoman said...

I did this.
W was playing donkey kong when he wasn't supposed to, so I impounded it...I set it on my dresser, with the intent to give it back to him in a few days. A couple of days later, I found him playing it again--he had snuck it off my dresser. Now, had he asked, I would probably have given it back, since it had been a couple of days...but he snuck it, so I took it back, and hid it better.
A few days later he asked about it, and I couldn't find it. I hunted and hunted. I looked every place I could think of. Over the next few months, I continued to look, re-look, and look again...
I finally found it 3 months later--WHEN WE MOVED! (and AFTER the nintendo was packed up!)
Aww Irony...
I guess maybe he learned, eh?

QTs_mom said...

I am 30 and it doesn't change. When I was 25 I was just as forgettful. At first it started with if I had entered someting in the checkbook. Then it got to be the grocery store, I would always forget the main reason I was there. Now it's the car keys, or my cell phone... it makes TJ mad, but my mom was also that bad... now I feel bad for teasing her, because I do the same thing.

PS - Did you ever find it?