Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Current Life Goal: Eat More Chocolate

Wow!  Has it really been almost a week since I posted.  Huh.  Well, let's just say it's been busy.  And the busy is only getting started because I still have practically ALL of my Christmas gift shopping/making ahead of me.  ACK!

So, I have this post that I keep meaning to put up here, but it just keeps not getting finished because I can't quite find the exact right words for it.  Let's just say I'm struggling with food right now.  In a big way.  This is a good thing -- the struggling.  It means I am working on it.  It means I am looking tigers in the eye.  It is good.

One element of this work I am doing right now is experimenting with food, figuring out what I really like, what really feels good in my body and what doesn't.  I am trying to learn to love myself and take care of myself.  This means that no foods are off-limits and I can have as much of any food as I like.  It has been interesting.  Among other things, though I am eating grains and fruits and vegetables, much of my diet lately has fallen into two categories: milk and dark.  Yes, the chocolate.  Yum.

I thought you might like to know some of the things I've discovered.
  1. I do not like Little Caesars Pizza.  I am shuddering just thinking of it.  I do not like the taste.  I don't like the smell.  I hate the way it feels in my body.  Makes me sick.
  2. I really, really like potatoes for breakfast.  
  3. Pancakes, not so much.  At least not often.
  4. I love, love, love clementines and could eat at least 10 a day.  For now.
  5. I really love NAKED Blue Machine fruit smoothie.  I love the taste and I it feels good in my body.
  6. I'm learning that there are three types of "good" for me where food is concerned.  Either it tastes good, it feels good or both.  If a food does both for me, it's a keeper.
  7. Good chocolate tastes good, but doesn't feel good in large quantities.  Eating it frequently and in small amounts each day has been good for my body and soul.
  8. Chocolate falls into two categories for me: the good stuff and the brown wax stuff.  
  9. Just because it's chocolate doesn't mean it's good.  And even if it's chocolate, if I don't like it I don't have to eat it.
  10. I can get more satisfaction out of one small square of good chocolate that is eaten simply for the joy of it than I can out of a whole bag of less-than good chocolate eaten in an attempt to fill a deeper need.
It's not much, but it's a start.

And as for the chocolate discoveries here goes:
  • I don't like Hershey's kisses unless they are filled with caramel or cherry cordial filling.  And even then, meh.  I've eaten better.
  • Though Symphony chocolate with almonds and toffee is still one of my favorite American chocolate choices, it's not nearly as yummy as I used to think.
  • The milk chocolate bars at IKEA -- smooth, melty, sweet, chocolate deliciousness.  LOVE these.
  • If I don't like sub-par milk chocolate, I like sub-par dark chocolate even less.
  • One dark chocolate stand-out so far is the Choxie Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar with Cocoa Nibs.  YUM!
  • Cacao Reserve in both the 35% and 65% variety are worth eating.
  • Hershey's Special Dark makes a good doorstop.
  • Cadbury chocolate is almost always good enough to eat, especially when it has nuts in it.
  • Galaxy chocolate is probably still my favorite.
  • I have yet to meet any chocolate with "truffle" in the name that I don't like.
  • I especially have like Hershey's Nuggets Truffles lately.  
  • And Truffettes of France are the kind of chocolates we will eat in heaven.  Trust me.  


Rynell said...

Rittersport, Lindt & Nutella are some of my favorites.

Hershey's Symphony is pretty fine by me if I can't get the good stuff.

Waxy chocolate is not yummy.

Emily said...

i won't even get into the chocolate discussion.

but trying to eat what our bodies tell us they need; an interesting journey. even just eating only when hungry can teach lessons -- and eliminating so many of my favorite foods lately has taught me to (re)think of food in the nutrient-giving way, as opposed to the emotional way i usually eat.

take heart, there is a month left to get your shopping done! christmas shopping has been done in far less time. :) you can do it!

sara said...

YUM = IKEA chocolate.

Also - when the clementines come out I will sit down and eat the whole box. I LOVE those things so much.

I am all about food. I love food. I am so incredibly blessed to be nursing 2 children and have an incredible metabolism. Or something :) I decided last week, after an expensive dinner that wasn't that great - that from now on I will eat what I want, when I want, but I will not settle for crap just so I can shove my face full of something.

Rosie said...

I'm jumping on this chocolate bandwagon . . . my favorite way to eat a Lindt truffle is to put the whole thing in my mouth and just let it melt. So yummy.

Joeprah said...

I have a question...have you ever had spicy chocolate? I have been perfecting my recipe for spicy chocolate. Some cayenne pepper goes into the recipe and it is hot, but I use a mortal and pestal and everything is ground completely so it isnt a course tasting confectionary at all. I have made alterations to recipe about a dozen times and come up with the best spicy chocolates possible and I think they are better than...well...maybe not that but really darn close.