Thursday, November 01, 2007

Missing My Girl

On Tuesday I went to my niece, Hannah's grave and took her a twig with lovely autumn leaves and berries. The colors of fire this time of year are so beautiful, one of my favorite things about this beautiful earth. I wanted to share them.

I visit Hannah every once in a while. Partly for her, but also because it gives me a physical place, a special time to remember my own little girl who never got to stay with us. Samantha. My daughter who grew in my heart and in my womb for 10 weeks, then went away. She never really even had a body for me to hold, but her spirit touched me in a way that left me forever changed. She was never real to anyone else, but she was achingly real to me. And sometimes I just miss her.


Me, myself & I said...

I so get that.

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

so dear. sorry you had to experience this loss.

thank you for coming by and sharing my post about fiction.

i just wanted to hop around a little on your blog and was moved by your experience here.

blessings this night hon,

QTs_mom said...

I understand to some extent. My sister is buried in CO and I don't have a physical place to talk to her.

God Bless those that left us too soon.