Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Minor Facebook Disaster

I must admit, I'm not so hip where social network sites are concerned. I just got an email inviting me to join a group of other Birthing From Within mentors on facebook, so I did. And I think that, in the process, I emailed friend requests to about half of my address book. And half of the people I think I emailed don't really even know me. So.....

Then, I looked around and found a couple of people I know and would like to contact, but um, I don't have any idea how. How lame am I?

Then I ended up on myspace. Does anyone else feel a bit like a voyeur whenever they venture onto myspace? Um, I do. Maybe it's because I don't have a myspace page and don't keep up with friends there. I feel like I get an uninvited peek into people's lives. It's a bit strange.

And then there's that balance of current friends and old friends that you'd like to stay friends with and old acquaintances that you'd really like to be real friends with and old friends that you'd really like to never talk with again.

Oh, and finding one of your ex-boyfriends' wives myspace page. And she's not only gorgeous, but actually very cool and you'd probably be friends with her except for the fact that it might be awkward because she's married to your ex-boyfriend who is now the really good guy you always knew he'd be, but wasn't so much back then. Creepy.


This post is quickly disintegrating.

I'm wondering. Do you use myspace? Facebook? Do you keep up with high school and college friends well? Through these sites or no? How do you make all of it worthwhile?


QTs_mom said...

I joined myspace to help Shantil locate our Alumni for the reunion. Then my neice and nephew join, underage, so I monitor their pages. I do have a Facebook, but I have never used it.
I don't keep in touch with college friends, accept Net who just lost her mom. I'm intrigued by which ex you mean?


Joeprah said...

Hey You,

Yeah, I have a myspace, and yes I have a facebook account. I look at those as a way to stay in touch with friends and family, but I check them less then once a month on average. Facebook maybe twice a month, and myspace once a quarter. So much spam on myspace and facebook is difficult to query. I like cr8buzz though for keeping tabs on my bloggin buds. Hope all is well in MM land. Peace!

Kim said...

I have a myspace page, but never actually go there. I have never been on Facebook, but I get an email at least 2 times a week saying that someone has added me as their friend on facebook :) Maybe one of these days I'll actually join...but I doubt it. I just don't have time.

Brightonwoman said...

I have facebook. I like that it's (a little) more private than myspace--nobody can see my page unless they are my 'friend' there. Friends of friends can see my picture and that I have a page, but can't see more than that. So it's more private, you know?

DH keeps up with a lot of high school friends there, so he really likes that. I have a few friends there, but nmostly I just end up playing scrabble. LOL!

Emily said...

i'm on facebook, but not myspace. helps me keep in touch w/old college friends. and it reminds me of bdays as well. bonus.
if you want to find me and friend me, that'd be great.

It's all about the "Crew" said...

Facebook all the way! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I use it mostly to get the quick one sentence update and to say something occasionally to one friend or another. Just a nice, quick heads up! Spend most of my time on my home page- which gives me the quick run down of anything my friends have added. I don't get into any of the applications or poking or sending of gifts. Mostly just use it to see the pictures and send messages, and catch up with old friends, the girls (my mermaids), and my family.

Even old high school boyfriends are cool to have as friends. Although I personally didn't have many.
I think it is nice to keep up the friendship. My mom pointed out, "They are the ones who helped you get to that point of finding your eternal companion." And, I totally agree- i think it is sad when you invest so much time energy etc. into a friendship, and then drop off the face of the planet just because one or both of you decided the relationship should end. Just my opinion...although I am sure there must be some exceptions. By the way, if you do ever end up going that route- always good to get to know his wife really well- and keep up with her, rather than him.