Friday, February 08, 2008


Yep, we're facing school issues again. Yes, once again it's Scud.

Among other things, his teacher feels VERY strongly that he needs to be moved ahead to the next grade. (Didn't we do this last year?) I pretty much agree.

But, I'm also very concerned about some obsessive-compulsive behaviors and extreme anxiety issues he has been showing. He's always had them and I keep thinking he will grow out of them. But they're not getting better. If anything they're getting worse.

He is hating school right now. "Miserable" is the word he used. I hate to hear that from my sweet guy. His anxiety issues are keeping him unhappy at school, at home, pretty much all of the time.

So, we're looking into solutions, trying to figure out where to turn to evaluate things. I want to make decisions based on the whole picture.

Mainly it's questions right now.

Are the obsessive-compulsive behaviors and anxiety stemming from the fact that is mind is terribly under stimulated?

Or do they exist on their own?

Will changing grades mean a reprieve from current symptoms? Short-term? Long-term? Could it possibly make it worse?

Does he have obsessive compulsive disorder or another mental illness? Or is the fact that he is very intelligent and not being stimulated causing his brain to look for other things to do? Or is it both?

I want so very much to take care of this tender little guy. I want what's best for him. And I don't want to go with quick fixes and not look at the whole picture, really figure out what he needs.

We are also looking into a Montessori school, the idea of homeschooling him. There are many possible options and many questions with each option.

Wish us luck.


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brightonwoman said...

W has been having some school issues this year as well (and we already bumped him ahead a grade). I feel for ya though!
I don't know Scud that well, but my gut instinct (based on our recent experiences with W) is that it's very likely that intelligence and understimulation are probably the biggest issues. OCD and anxiety will both get worse under stress or frustration, both of which would be caused by the school situation.
Personally, I'd vote for homeschool as most likely to help...but obviously that's just based on the very little I know. Say your prayers, follow your gut. Best of luck!

Tangentally, W asked if he could play with Scud sometime...we'll be down there for a week or two at the end of June/first of July--I'll give ya a call! (W's baptism will be while we're there, we'd love to have you come!)

Rynell said...

Oh--- I am so sorry. This is a tough one. We have school issues, but different ones.

Honestly, my suggestion would be to get him evaluated. That can be a hard, long road though, as diagnoses can take time. I, too, believe that very intelligent children tend to act out or behave differently when not stimulated enough.

I think Montesorri is great. I wish there was a Waldorf school nearby. From my research, that is my preferred method.

I would be awful at home schooling. I'm even awful at Joyschool. So... no advice there.

I've come to accept that there is no perfect school option right now.

Sorry for the wordy comment. I'm feeling for you though.