Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Wrap Wrap Wrappity Wrap

Feeling a bit silly this morning. This will be a quickie, as I have tons to do today. Now, if I can even remember this week...

  • JDub's parents and youngest brother flew in from Germany on Saturday night. We all got together on Sunday for Mexican food and lots of laughs. It was good to see everyone. Big families are so much fun. It was especially nice to see his parents and brother for the first time in about a year.

  • Taught another class on Tuesday. It went wonderfully. I love teaching.

  • On Wednesday we went to my hometown to see a production of Nunsense. The women starring in it were all my teachers at some point or another. My high-school theatre teacher, my voice teacher, my dance teacher, my girls' camp leader. Oh, and Christin, who is a couple years younger than me and one of my favorite friends from high school. It was hillarious. The play was fun, but what was most fun was seeing all of these wonderful women who taught me so much hamming it up on stage. I'm glad we took the time to go. My wonderful mom and sister watched my kiddos while we were gone. Thanks!

  • I am now 11 weeks pregnant! One more week and I'll be finished with the first trimester!!!! That is just so exciting to me. The miscarriage rate drops significantly at that point. Feeling so hopeful and thrilled.

  • Rentals from Redbox this week: Glory Road, Must Love Dogs and High School Musical. Don't make fun of me, but I love High School Musical. Such a fun show. Of course I really loved the others, too. It's just fun to slip into a silly teen movie sometimes.

  • Books I'm reading right now: Crucial Conversations and The Four Agreements. I would HIGHLY recommend both. Crucial conversations, especially.

  • My sister came out yesterday. She did some testing for a job as a police secretary and ended up with an interview. Yay for her! She deserves this position and I hope she gets it. We went out for lunch afterward and I just enjoy being with her, even if we're not doing anything too exciting. She's just a joy and I feel lucky to have a sister who is also one of my best friends.

  • This morning we were supposed to go to support a friend during a hearing. I thought it was at 9:30, but it was actually at 8:30. Oh, well. To read her story, go here. I have worked in children's theater with this woman. I've had her and her children in my home. She is really a wonderful, conscientious, pulled-together woman. I am appalled that any mother would be charged with negligent homicide for misjudging a child's illness. She did her best, and probably exactly what I (and a million other mothers) would have done with the knowledge she had. If parents have rights to care for their children only when they are able to make perfect decisions, then not a soul has any business being a parent. And how many doctors have provided inappropriate treatment for a patient based on their knowledge at the time, only to find out that the problem was more serious than they'd thought? I'm just outraged at this. And hurting for this dear woman, who has already suffered the loss of her daughter and now has to face criminal charges.

  • Nothing quite as exciting this week as last. Thank goodness. We're off to the library today and I'm going to the gym for the first time in about a month. Dealing with pregnancy symptoms just hasn't left me eager to work my tail off on a treadmill.

    Have a marvelous weekend!

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    Emily said...

    i just have to reaffirm my own love for and allegiance to redbox.

    on another note, hooray for week 12!!