Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Wrap O the Week

So, it's been a crazy week, really. Busy. I'm not sure there's any way I can get it in order, so I'll just toss things out as I remember them.

  • Found out on Sunday that I get to sing with the nursery children every week in church. That ought to be a lot of fun.

  • I taught the first of a six week series of Birthing From Within based childbirth classes on Tuesday. It was a lot of fun. I have just one couple in my class right now and they were exceptionally open and willing to play, explore and learn. We had a grand time and I'm really looking forward to our next class.

  • I also had a new doula in my class observing. She is not quite as open and it will be interesting to see how she handles my "dive in and surrender" theory about childbirth. Unlike many birth professionals, I don't believe that you can control the outcome of your birth by any amount of planning or preparation. Nor do I think it's worth it to try to do so. I think the very best preparation a woman can have for childbirth is the acknowledgment that she can't control everything, but that no matter what happens she most certainly CAN rise to the occasion.

  • Mind you, that is me speaking as a childbirth professional. I'm still in the throes of reminding myself as a pregnant woman to not be so uptight about everything, because it really is all out of my hands. I am constantly reminding myself to stay rooted in the moment and to do what I need to do NOW. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Or I will take care of tomorrow, tomorrow.

  • I went to an "intake meeting" at my local midwives office on Thursday. I took all three kiddos with me and they were actually very well behaved. I always grin when my kids do that in public places. It's like I'm carrying around a little secret. "All of these other people think MY children are mild-mannered and well-behaved. Ha!"

  • So, back to the "intake meeting". I felt a bit like bleating while I was there. It began with about 8 of us sitting at tables, filling out paperwork about our health histories. Pregnancies=5 Live Births=3 Miscarriages=1 Alien Infestations=0. And yes, I do agree to arbitration and no, I'll pass on the blood test for genetic abnormalities. Blah, blah, blah. As we each finished our paperwork, we took turns filing into the bathrooms to pee in a cup. Then, we stood in line at the lab, waiting to hand over our precious urine and allow a very frazzled looking woman to poke us in the arms and siphon out 5 vials of blood for various tests. Sure, I've had three babies. I know how it goes with the frequent handing over of bodily fluids. I understand the need for paperwork. And on a very cranial level I can fully understand the reasoning behind a group intake. Saves plenty of time and there's no need for an actual appointment for all of that stuff. But, blech. I felt a bit like a ewe. Or a number. And I just don't know whether I want to go there anymore. It wasn't nearly so impersonal when I went there 4 years ago at the first of my pregnancy with Mashuga.

  • So, I've been filled with a lot of doubts about a care provider. When I was pregnant last time, I was planning on a lovely homebirth attended by a dear friend who is a kind and very experienced midwife. It all played out beautifully in my mind and I was CERTAIN that I would have an idyllic pregnancy and birth. But, this time around there's absolutely NOTHING that I'm really sure of. Neither home nor hospital feels quite right. No care provider on earth seems to be just what I'm wanting/needing. Except maybe the midwife that delivered Mashuga. But she's about 8 hours away. This is just an interesting place for me to be.

  • We also went swimming on Thursday with Isla and her mother. It was great fun. Kaitybean is now tall enough to go on the big waterslides all by herself. I can't believe how grown up she is.

  • On Wednesday I met with the woman whose birth I attended yesterday. She is such a lovely woman. Good natured, kind. The kind of person you meet and instantly know that she has been polished and perfected through trial. Honestly, it is such an honor to be in the profession I'm in. Just to be in the presence of such phenomenal women has made me a better person.

  • And I was able to accompany her at her birth yesterday. We walked the halls and talked for quite a while. Things were somewhat slow to start, but she went from 5 cm dilated to giving birth in about 45 minutes. She was in the tub and her husband and I took turns pushing on and rubbing her back during contractions. She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who was as calm as any baby I've ever seen. He just opened his eyes and looked around at everyone. Not a peep. She was amazing. So strong. So lovely.

  • Last night the kids and I went with my sister to see Cars. I highly recommend it. Very good movie.

  • Then we went to Burger King at 9:30 for dinner. Yep. At about 9:45pm, we were sitting around the table with my children eating hamburgers. What exactly is wrong with us? I don't know. But they woke up this morning and didn't seem any worse for the wear. Even if they were highly spoiled yesterday.

  • Today my husband's parents and his youngest brother fly in from Germany. We haven't seen them for nearly a year. I'm just delighted to have them here.

    So, that's all, folks. See you on Monday!


    Emily said...

    wow. what a week! and not to be ignorant, but alien infestation? that sounds scary. what is that?

    i'm so happy for you that you are teaching classes! you must be seriously loving it. :)

    Heather said...


    You're not ignorant. I'm just odd and the alien infestation thing was a sick joke. The questions on medical paperwork can get so detailed that I start wondering how much of my personal history I'll eventually end up divulging.

    Emily said...

    lol. ok. the more i learn about birth and babies, the more i realize i DON"T KNOW ANYTHING! hahaha.