Thursday, December 28, 2006

I've been sitting, waiting, wishing...

Yep, I'm still pregnant.

39 weeks pregnant to be exact. I'm at that point in pregnancy where I feel like every time I go out in public, people watch me with a collective inward breath.

"Look out, she's gonna blow!"

If only it worked that way.

Instead, I'm highly attuned to every twinge, every pressure, every change. Is he coming? Now? How about now?


But, soon. I know he's coming soon and I'm so excited to meet my son.

Last night, after some prayer, I realized that he's still learning things right now. Still talking to his Heavenly Father. So, he needs just a bit more time. But he will coming soon.

Soon can be so relative. I've been telling myself that Coco will be coming THIS WEEK. In December. But, when I take the time to think about it, even if I have to wait a week or so, that's still soon. We've already waited the better part of a year, right?

So, I'll let you know when he's coming. If I feel like it, I may even post updates about his birth here. So, check back to see what's going on.

And as a bonus, how about I share what I've been listening to lately. Despite the Jack Johnson title, I've really been enjoying Something Corporate lately. I fell in love with their most recent album, North. But, I've been going back and exploring their earlier stuf. WOW, these guys are talented. They have a fantastic, layered, captivating sound. There is a lot of urgency in their songs. I love it. I especially love Andrew McMahon's voice and piano and songwriting. And you can't help but admire a 20-something guy who has continued to pursue his passion for music in two different bands (Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin) despite a battle with leukemia. He is now officially in remission and even better than before.

So, for your enjoyment, here's a little gem I found this week. One of their earliest songs, "I Woke Up In A Car". I love this video because you can tell how much fun they have with their music. And that's fun to watch.

If the video doesn't come up for you (it doesn't seem to be working for me), you can click here to see the video.


Anonymous said...

I especially like two of their songs. one has the lyrics, "what we hate we make," and the other one is about ...
Never mind. That's a different band.

Anonymous said...

I thought for sure today would bring me baby news. :) LOL! What a wonderful concept that he's still talking to Heavenly Father... beautiful thought... really...

Take care!!!

Heather said...

You and me both!!

Still crossing my fingers for a 2006 baby.