Sunday, December 03, 2006

Weekly Wrap - December 3, 2006

Can you believe it's December already? Neither can I! Christmas is right around the corner. Our new baby is right around the corner. And I don't feel even halfway ready for either!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

So, what has been happening around our crazy little home lately?

  • I got Christmas cards mailed a few days ago. There are still a few that I need to mail out (waiting for them to come from Snapfish.) And I plan to email them also, but I wanted to get some print copies out, especially to Aunts and Uncles and other family that we don't have email contact with. I designed two different cards this year. I like graphic design. I may do more of it.

  • I've been trying to decide what to get people for Christmas this year. Every year it's a struggle to balance generosity with a realistic budget. And it's even harder with my kids. I want to get them gifts that will be useful and used well. I don't want to buy them too much, as I feel very strongly that children better appreciate what they have when they don't have more than they need. But then there's Grandma. And Oma. And single Aunts. Three more reasons for me to be careful not to go overboard. They will have plenty of Christmas presents. They (and we) are so lucky that they have grandparents and other relatives who love them so much and do so much to help them be happy.

  • I had a goal this week to look at all of our bills and get signed up for as many automatic withdrawal programs as possible. I didn't do it. I'll have to do it this week. We keep missing bills because we're so busy, or distracted or lazy. So I want it all to be as self-sustaining as possible. Especially with a new baby on his way.

  • And speaking of a new baby, he could be here in less that two weeks. Yes, I said less than two weeks! I don't think he'll actually come that soon, but the idea that he could is a bit disconcerting. I have a notebook. In the notebook I have a set of lists of things we need to do or buy before he arrives - for Christmas, for Birthdays, to prepare our home and children, to have ready for him. I haven't even managed to finish the lists, much less actually accomplish everything that is and will be on them. And now I'm wondering if the best thing I could do for myself is to reevaluate priorities and diminish expectations. Still, any locals who want to come scrub walls with me are always welcome!

  • I had an appointment with my midwife this week and again, it is the anti-news. Hooray! All is well. Heartbeat =140bpm. Fundal measurement = 36 cm. Weight = Wouldn't you like to know! Let's just say I weigh more now that I ever have, pregnant or otherwise. And I'm okay with that. Mostly. Here's a picture of me from a couple of weeks ago. My belly's even bigger now if you can believe it.

  • I visited Temple Square in Salt Lake City this week with the women's group from my church. Temple Square is just beyond beautiful during the Christmas Season. I love it there more than any other place during Christmas. We listened to a short presentation about the Savior's birth and was touched once again to think of all that he does and has done for me. What a beautiful season this is.

  • Yesterday JDub and I attended a childbirth class together. It was a wonderful time to be together to pause and plan and talk about our needs and concerns for this upcoming birth. I feel much more in sync with him. And he got a lot out of the basic information that I already knew and never think to tell him. Even if it hadn't been worthwhile, it was a fabulous all day date with my sweetheart.

  • While we were there, Jeffrey's sister and her family watched our kiddos. Poor Kaitybean had the stomach flu and was throwing up. I hated not being with her, but she was well taken care of. THANK YOU!

  • Also yesterday, JDub's younger brother flew in from Germany. He finished his mission for the LDS church in October and has been staying with his parents for a little while. Now he's here and we were so glad to see him. He's a wonderful person and he and I have always gotten along well. He feels every bit as much like a younger brother as the brother I grew up with. My kids were especially glad to see him, as they've been pining for their favorite uncle for 2+ years.

  • And speaking of that, we're supposed to go have dinner with him and a couple of JDub's other siblings and their families in about 4 minutes. Which means we're already going to be late and if I don't wrap up, we'll be INCREDIBLY late.

    Hope you all are doing well.

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    Anonymous said...

    2 weeks-- WOW!!! :) I'm sure you'll get everything ready- and what isn't, won't be a big deal. Take it easy, and enjoy a calm, I hope, 2 weeks.. ;)