Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekly Wrap - Last Week

Okay, so I'm posting last week's wrap on Monday. Ah, well.

Here's what's been going on with us.

  • I have been nesting like a mad woman. Last week I cleared out and organized our storage room. Ahhhhh.... That feels nice. Of course, I did that so that I could clear out the room with our jacuzzi in it. That's the project for today. It's funny how I've been noticing every little handprint and dirt streak. Should be scrubbing walls soon.

  • Also, last week I realized, in a fit of panic, how physically unprepared we are for this little one. So, I got out baby blankets and clothes and washed them. Then, I bought diapers and onesies and nursing pads and a carseat. Feeling a bit better. We still need a crib or a bassinet. But, we'll figure that out this week.

  • I also got most of our Christmas shopping done this week. I just want it to be finished and to not have to worry about that and about having a baby. I only need to get a few more things done.

  • But now that I've already spent about all the money I'm willing to spend on Kaitybean and Scud, they've come up with new things they want. Scud wants a drum set and is absolutely convinced that Santa Claus will bring him one. I have no problem with buying Scud a drum set once he's taking drum lessons. But, he's not yet. And I might even be willing to find a good drum set for him, but really, I'm done shopping.

  • Speaking of Scud, we had a funny moment a few days ago.
    I was working on the computer and Scud came in and said, "Mom, come see something."
    "Just a minute," I replied.
    He cocked his head a bit, looked me in the eye and said "Do you mean one of the minutes that's really a lot longer than just one minute?"
    I stopped what I was doing and went upstairs with him.

  • The kids and I got out the Christmas decorations on Saturday. That was a treat. It's especially fun with younger ones, like Mashuga. He doesn't remember any of these decorations and was SO excited about everything.

  • We did have a rather unpleasant surprise upon opening one box of decorations. My mom made us a cute Snowman decoration last year. It was filled with bird seed. Apparently that was too much of a temptation for a hungry little mouse. I opened up the box to find it filled with bird seed and a hole chewed in the front of the snowman. But that was the least of the surprise. As I began taking out decorations I found that the offending rodent had gone to sleep for the very last time in that box. I probably don't need to mention that most of the things in that box ended up buried in the trash can with our dead little mousy friend. Luckily, my handmade stockings and our advent storybook were relatively unharmed.

  • Saturday evening was absolutely lovely. We had our SIL and her sweet daughters over for pizza. Then we put up and decorated our little tree and sang Christmas carols. It was really a wonderful evening. I love having a family.

  • Saturday was also my mom and SIL's birthday. We had my little brother and his wife over for dinner last night. My mom and sister were also supposed to come, but there was a bad storm and they decided not to risk the drive. So, we had a really great time with J&S. We ate and then S and I talked while the kids wrestled and played with their uncle. Then, after putting kids to bed we got to watch their wedding video. That was a lot of fun. It turned out so well. The company that did it, Creativ Productions, does an amazing job.

  • JDub is feeling a little better, but not entirely yet. The chiropractor helped, as well as some good rest yesterday. We're hopin continued treatment will help it to resolve. Time will tell.

    So, that's our family for the week. Everything is going well.


    Anonymous said...

    i'm glad to hear JDUb is feeling better.

    and i think you're a stronger woman than i for finding that dead mouse and living to tell the tale!!

    bravo for getting your christmas shopping done :)

    Anonymous said...

    Hey, I think that our crib is up there with grandma. I'm not sure. Let me know if you want to use it for a while.