Monday, May 08, 2006

Kaitybean the Expert

So, my children like to argue. A LOT. And Kaitybean seems to think she's an expert on pretty much everything. Which results in some very funny discussions between her and Scud.

Here's an actual conversation between them yesterday:

Scud: Kaitybean. I'm, like, 40 feet tall.
Kaitybean: No you're not.
Scud: Yes I am!
Kaitybean: Well. Actually. I'm about 4 feet tall, so you're not FOR-TY feet tall.
Scud: I am. I'm forty feet tall.
Kaitybean: Well, apparently, I'm taller than you. And if you're forty feet tall, I'm like 50 feet tall. And I'm not. I'm four feet tall. So you're only probably like 3 and a half feet tall. And Mashuga's about 2 feet tall. And Mom, I think she's probably 11 feet tall.
Scud: (Lost in the face of this tremendous logic) Well. Okay. But I still think I'm forty feet tall.

BTW, actual height of all those mentioned:

Kaitybean - About 48"
Scud - About 44"
Mashuga - About 38"
Me - 62"


Emily said...

hilarious. it makes you wonder, where did he get the idea that he's 40 feet tall? :)

Kelly said...

Your kids are so cute!