Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday Wrap May 26

Okay, I'll try to keep this brief. I was looking over my last two Friday Wraps and realized that they were close to becoming novels. Not a lot happened this week (THANK GOODNESS), so I shouldn't have too much to say.

  • Monday was a jolt. This weekend was so pleasant, after having jury duty. It was wonderful to rest. Then, I woke up at 7:00 on Monday morning and was so surprised and overcome with the fact that I had to get up and take Kaitybean to school. Weird.

  • Laundry update: I'm working on it. I've been folding and washing, folding and washing, folding and washing. Working my way through these piles and then I'm going to implement my dear friend Edge's Mean, Lean Laundry Machine. She posted it and as soon as I read it I thought "AHA! That's perfect! That's EXACTLY what I've been needing."

  • Most of my days have been a blur this week. I've been struggling. Struggling with a lot of self-doubt and discouragement. Some days it just takes all I have to get out of bed in the morning. And then it's a fight all day to get anything done (and I spend most of the day beating myself up over not getting anything done). Ah, well. This too shall pass.

  • Early this week I was feeling just marvelous. Not too tired, no morning sickness. And I was TERRIFIED. Worried about not feeling pregnant and what that could mean. This is about the stage (8 weeks) when I miscarried my last baby. But t
    woke up on Wednesday feeling SO sick that I could barely move. And ever since then, the fatigue has been KILLING ME. Killing me, I tell you. I'm ready for a nap two hours after I get up. And I get so tired that I can barely move. I have to keep telling myself that this is a good thing and my body's way of reminding me that my priority right now should be taking care of myself. I am most definitely still pregnant and it seems to be working well, as in my body sure is working hard.

  • JDub has finally arranged his work schedule so that he has a FULL DAY OFF during the week. Hooray! Before, he was working from 8-5 on Monday and Tuesday, 8-12 on Wednesday, 8-5 on Thursday and Friday and from 9-4 on Saturday. And it was wearing on me and on him and on our whole family. But, now he's worked it so that he has ALL of Wednesday off. It was wonderful to have him home for a full day. Now if we can just work toward getting Saturdays off.... (I know, I know, will I EVER be satisfied?)

  • My sister came to stay with us on Wednesday night. We were out of milk and she stopped and got milk and treats for the kids on her way here. Then, she was here yesterday and will be going home this afternoon. It's been so wonderful to have her here. Have I ever mentioned that I have the coolest sister ever? She's such a good friend and so good to me. She bought me a very cute daisy decoration for my door. And she's always doing sweet things like that for me and for others. She so effortlessly loves and serves people. She's just thoughtful. I'd like to be more like her.

  • Speaking of sisters, I'm so excited about the new sister I'll be gaining this fall. My brother's fiance is just such a beautiful person -- inside and out. I'm glad he found her. She, my sister and I went to the LDS Temple together last night and it was wonderful to be together in such a peaceful place. It was the most enlivening, uplifting and encouraging experience I've had all week. I need to get there more often.

  • So, today my plan is to actually go to the gym instead of just feeling guilty about it. Then, my Dad's famiy is getting together tomorrow for dinner and karaoke. I think we'll go up there. Our memorial day plans include swimming and a barbeque. We're spending this memorial day with JDub's family. Which I'm excited about, but I always miss walking around the Cemetary and putting flowers on the graves of loved ones with my Mom and Dad. Throughout my life, that's been one of our most meaningful and memorable family traditions. There's something so very sacred about remembering one's ancestors, remembering the sacrifices of those who came before us.

    So, I leave you with that note on heritage. Enjoy your memorial day weekend!


    Anonymous said...

    Soo busy! No wonder you're tired and feel like you never get anything done! Wow! Hang in there and relax and take it easy. Don't worry so much and think happy and I rambling? sorry. You sound so much like me when I'm pregnant. Okay, to keep it simple...the best thing I've ever done in my whole life for myself is to turn off the criticizing voice that's always going in my head and telling me what I'm doing wrong, or what could go wrong, or how that person hates me etc. I'm free without it and now I am finally happy and able to love others more. It works but it takes practice! Have a happy weekend!

    FrogLegs said...

    Hope your weekend was wonderful and relaxing. :)