Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Things I Actually Said to My Kids This Week

Just in case you felt like *you* were having a "bad mommy" week.

1. I don't care if you want candy. Mommy wants Snickers ice cream bars and there are six in a box, so you WILL be eating one.
2. I don't mind you peeing in the back yard, Scud. I just don't want you peeing off the deck into the back yard.
3. No, I will NOT put the poop back on your bum. I wiped it for a reason.
4. Mashuga, we don't pour Kool Aid on the clean dishes in the dishwasher!
5. I don't care if you're late for school. You WILL go to school with your hair done at least ONCE this week.
6. Lots of people wear their pajamas at lunch time.
7. Yes, that shirt is too dirty to wear to school. Dirt is not an accessory, Kaitybean.
8. You did WHAT?!?
9. Sure you can watch Cartoon Network. Just don't bug me while I'm finishing my blog, okay.
10. I am SO the boss of you, little punk.
11. Please, at least don't eat your boogers in FRONT of me.
12. Mashuga! No going to the neighbor's house without your underwear on!!!!
13. Yes. You can have microwave popcorn for breakfast.

Feeling any better now?


Uisce said...

dirt not an accessory... OK... but dog hair sure is in my house! :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! You're in the same mode I'm in! Maybe I'll borrow your idea for mine next week! Ha!

Edge said...

Awesome, Heather. My life too!

Emily said...

so funny.

my linker is working fine, i'm sure you'll get it figured out. :)

thanks for visiting me!

boxcar's caboose said...

My favorite thing to tell my kiddos is to say "he's my brother and I love him!' Normally they tell me not right now!